They got the job!

There‘s no better feeling than when you get that news you’ve been waiting for, “you passed the interview, and we’d like you to join our team!”

Over the years of course, the majority of us have heard those magic words at some stage, but as a development coach it was my first under my new start up ELEV8 Career Business Personal - and I couldn’t have felt more proud.

My Client in subject is quiet in nature, underplays their achievements and lacks motivation to drive towards more responsibility and accountability. But they knew deep down they wanted a change, a new job, different people and processes, but were too scared to commit.

That all changed within as little as 6 coaching hours. Actually, within the first hour of coaching we started to address that hesitant mindset and asked ourselves “is that going to work?”, “is that what I really want?” and “would I hire the current ‘me’?”

You see, people like to trick themselves into thinking they want X, but when asked the right questions realise they actually want Y, and they probably never once considered the positive impacts it would have on their lives. I’m sure the lure of “seeing people do well” on Social Media, living their best lives, is a contributer that creates a false economy of motivations.

My Client worked hard over a couple of months, really hard. They considered and accepted some home truths, particularly around personal branding. They invested in themselves and continued to grow. Each week I can still see their confidence growing.

A few weeks ago, and after a bundle of interviews they finally achieved their goal. But the goal had changed. They had been applying for jobs with no long term growth or push, so we changed mindset, we changed tactic and ultimately we (they) found something that ticked all of their boxes.

When they spoke about their coaching journey at interview, yes thats right they openly discussed the steps they were taking to get better, the interview panel were in awe of their commitment.

A genuine, amazing achievement because they were willing to commit - and certainly my proudest moment of 2021...

so far anyway!

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