I had a great catch up with Raptor with Kev Buchan earlier this morning. We're part of a small but powerful local networking group and today I had the opportunity to show him what ELEV8 really do.

I mentioned that whether I'm working to develop someone's Business, Career, or Personal Goals, I don't think I've spoken to any client to date who hasn't had 'a problem'.

Some of these 'problems' have been easier to fix:

"I need a Website to enhance my Online Presence".

Some of these 'problems' have been more difficult to fix:

"I don't know where to take my Career and I'm becoming overwhelmed at the thought of change"

Some of these 'problems' have been emotional and required extra care:

"I haven't worked for 5 years, the thought of going back into an office is making me physically sick".

Everyone of these situations has been addressed in the same way - to understand what a good scenario or outcome looks like and build a plan to get us there. Sometimes it's a couple of weeks, other times it's months.

It all comes down to 'THE IMPORTANCE OF SMALL STEPS' - applying small steps allows us feel more in control, and our brains (which can often act as our most powerful tool) will allow us to feel better about what's going on.

So the next time you want to achieve something, break it down.

• Know your end goal • Apply your small steps • Commit & hold yourself accountable and in time; • You'll be awesome.

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