Neptune - a salon out of this world!

We launched Neptune Studio at the start of July, and by all accounts and feedback this may well be our sleekest yet!

We met with business owners Kelly & Kirsty for an in-person consultation to understand their vision for their brand new website. It’s great when a client has a clear vision, it makes our job a little easier for sure.

High end, upmarket, polished, nude colouring, dozens of client pictures and a big focus on their drive to make the hair salon industry a more eco-friendly and sustainable one.

When pulling all this together, the business partners allowed us to be as creative as we could. Communication is a super effective tool and we worked excellently together to bring their vision to life.

We built in the key requirements, and utilised their fantastic use of Instagram by embedding a live feed so that there site was constantly up to date with the new styles and trends that there growing customer base have come to expect.

All in, the business partners were delighted with the finished product which saw over 200 site visits on the first day of launch alone.

We could write more, but simply put - sometimes the pictures speak for themselves…and this is absolutely one of those occasions!

~ Paul.

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