It’s definitely Me, not You

When was the last time you heard this feedback?

“One of the other candidates just scored higher on their competency based answers” OR;

“You were so close, we just felt Candidate X had more experience”

The chances are:

🚮 You’re not that close on scoring.

⬇️ It’s not because of your experience.

🔄 And it absolutely is because someone else played the interview game better than you, even though ‘you know you can do the job better’.

Most Employers are looking for you to demonstrate that not only can you tell them about a time when you’ve done something that proves you’re capable of the new job - they want you to tell a story in a logical, succinct manner that keeps their job as Interviewer simple.

Now when panic sets in and your brain starts to crumble, you go off on a tangent. BYE! 👋🏼 YOU’VE LOST 😞

No one is perfect, it’s happened to me (a few times) but it’s the ability to learn from these experiences that allows you to work hard on the structure the interviewer wants. And, it works.

If you’re in this category, get in touch now and start making a change to your approach.

How many of the guys below are being coached? And what are your chances of success?

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