Confidence & Assertiveness

Happy Monday! Or is it?

“The World” is opening back up, or so it seems, and for a lot of people the thought of this will be quite overwhelming.

So my message for today is simple - ease yourself in by taking your time. Prioritise the important things and communicate effectively with the people who rely on you or your services.

How well you adapt to changes in the next few weeks and months may come down to your inner Confidence.

Lacking in the ability to be ‘Assertive’ can have you thinking about lots and achieving very little. Achieving very little will impact your confidence and could lead to continual doubt.

Like most of the topics I post, a simple yet effective technique can be used, and it comes down to creating Goals. Doesn’t matter how small they are. Sometimes you need someone impartial to help you set those goals - and having them fight your corner and allow you to better see your achievements can be invaluable.

If you’re feeling low in confidence help is right here.

And for the next 4 weeks I’m reducing my session rates in relation to Confidence Building & Becoming Assertive.

Always confidential, always here to help.

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