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Website Design &
E-Commerce Solutions

We believe that every business, large or small, benefits from having an online solution that will help them reach a wider customer audience. Working alongside Social Media platforms, a well designed Website allows you to easily showcase the services you provide, the products you sell, and the brand you are so passionate about. And let's not forget about building trust and demonstrating professionalism too!


At ELEV8, we continue to build upon an impressive portfolio of Website & E-Commerce Solutions - we are officially 5 Star rated across Google & Social Media review platforms.


But what makes us 5 Star?

We CARE about your brand. We CARE about ensuring we deliver a product that you are proud of. And, we CARE about making sure that throughout your journey, you're informed and kept fully up to date as we progress. The latter, is actually one of the most common pieces of great feedback we receive.

From 1 page Websites through to as many as you need, we're on hand to help you execute upon your vision. 

Check out just some of our recent work by clicking below, or book a consultation to find out more!

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Branding, Strategy & Development

Whether you’re thinking about starting your new business or perhaps been running one for a while, there are many factors to continually consider – branding, product, competition, marketing, consumer protection... the list goes on.

At ELEV8, we help you take a step back and evaluate the bigger picture. We help you build your business strategy, introduce the core principles of Risk Management so that you fully understand what it takes for your businesses to reach its full potential.


But we know that it takes time to execute. We help you feel comfortable with being uncomfortable - but we do this analytically, by using insights and data to help your mindset. We coach and consult, we advise and encourage patience.

We also open up our network of other businesses to maximise our service.

Just Talk (Idea Generation & Problem Solving)

Mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.

At ELEV8, we naturally mentor through coaching but that doesn’t always suit every individual.

We launched a service in 2021 called ‘Just Talk’ - the pure aim of this service was to help generate new ideas, new ways of working and new perspective that hadn't been considered. By summer of 2022, it became our most popular service with small business owners.


Many business owners, especially business with less than 10 employees, felt they had no one impartial to talk to. No one that would stand back and provide potential solutions to problems they were experiencing. No one to help them see the light during darker times. 

The beauty of this service is there is no paperwork, no homework, nothing other than 1 hour per session of time where as a duo, we can sit back and really get to grips with what has been going on. We celebrate the wins, we share the challenges - and as a business owner, you feel supported and backed.

Try this service - you'll be amazed, very quickly, how motivated you'll be for the next week or month ahead.

Visualizing ideas on board
Office Meeting

Team Workshop Facilitation

As your business starts to grow, so must your People. As the world around us changes, your people must be able to adapt.


Studies prove that teams of people who are engaged with your business strategy, and one another's agendas, motivations and beliefs;


• Deliver more

• Are Happier in their roles

• Are Motivated to succeed

• Want to do the right thing

At ELEV8, we are skilled in delivering workshops that will help boost your overall business performance. These range from general team building, through to specific topics in relation to diversity & equality. We also specialise in coaching your business leaders on how to communicate the business strategy to their people, so that everyone moves in the same direction.

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